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VW 'Crushes' 10-Speed Transmission Plans

Most automakers are adding gears these days, but Volkswagen has thrown in the towel at the concept. When speaking with Automotive News VW’s powertrain boss Friedrich Eichler confirmed the company has dropped plans for its 10-speed dual-clutch automatic.

“Two months ago, I had the prototype crushed,” Eichler told the publication in Europe.

Crushing the prototype transmission seems like the most obvious way of stating that the idea is dead for now. Eichler went on to say that he, of course, saved all of the engineering data about the unit, so it is possible it could return someday.

So, why did that drop it? Eichler said that the 10-speed represented VW’s “bigger is better” engineering approach of the past, something the company wishes to devoid itself of going forward. When originally announced in 2013, VW said the 10-speed unit would be applied to high-torque applications.

In reality this likely has less to do engineering philosophy and more to do with Volkswagen’s newfound push for electric vehicles.


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