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Volkswagen Dealers Get First Dibs On Repurchased Diesel Vehicles

Volkswagen Dealers Get First Dibs On Repurchased Diesel Vehicles

Volkswagen plans to provide its dealerships first right of refusal to acquire hundreds of thousands of repaired diesel vehicles. The recalled vehicles stem from the company’s diesel emissions scandal in 2015.

Thus far U.S. regulators have approved a fix for the older diesel vehicles, but they have yet to authorize VW to actually sell the repaired vehicles. Hinrich Woebcken, head of the VW’s North America region, has told Automotive News the company will offer the repaired vehicles to its 652 dealerships first.

Dealerships would be able to acquire the vehicles, conduct the necessary repairs on them, then resell them as used vehicles.

Woebcken says the company will reintroduce the vehicles to market in a methodical manner to keep residual values stable. The German automaker has repurchased about 67 percent of the 485,000 diesel vehicles sold in the U.S. between 2009 and 2014 that emitted illegal levels of emission.

Since repurchase, VW has simply been storing the vehicles in large parking lots the company is leasing throughout the U.S. VW says some of the high-mileage cars it is storing will simply be scrapped instead of repaired and resold.

Some of VW’s newer diesel products have already been fixed and resold through its dealerships. About 7,000 diesel Passats were fixed with an approved software update and already reintroduced to the market. The issue now is with the first-generation VW diesels, which require a far more extensive fix.

Thus far the company has not offered a timeline as to when it expects U.S. regulators to approve the resell of the diesel vehicles.


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