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New Audi A6 Uses Mild Hybrid, Infotainment Tech to Compete

New Audi A6 Uses Mild Hybrid, Infotainment Tech to Compete

Audi is aiming for the new BMW 5 Series with its all-new A6 sedan. The German brand has formally taken the wraps off the A6, which is completely redesigned from the ground up and packing a new mild hybrid system and lots of tech.

To the untrained eye, it may be difficult to tell that this is an all-new A6. Audi has carefully crafted this new A6, which is overall larger than its predecessor, but very much related to the old A6 design. The new one features the same sharper angles we’ve began to see on Audi’s such as the new A8 interlaced with an overall cleaner design language.

Influence from the new A8 is found throughout this car. Inside, the interior design also share fundamentals with the A8. This means a driver-centric cockpit theme with premium finishes and two massive screens housing Audi MMI, the latest take on the brand’s infotainment system. Audi is using MMI as a competitive advantage for the A6, saying it will make smart recommendations based on routine drive routes the car makes and other new features.

Another area of A8 influence is in the for of powertrain. The new A6 will be equipped with Audi’s 3.0-liter TFSI gas engine, which will be wired with a new 48-volt electrical architecture. The added capacity will allow for a lithium-ion battery and mild hybrid system like the A8. The system will shut off the gas engine during periods of light load and provide supplemental power as-needed to conserve fuel use.

In Europe Audi will offer a couple diesel engine options in the new A6, but rest assured those are highly unlikely for the U.S.

Despite the traditional engine, buyers may not always drive the new A6 traditionally. Audi says the car offers up to 37 driver assistance features, giving it the badge of level 3 autonomy. Ironically, despite the fact this car is capable of up to level 3 autonomy, buyers will not be able to fully leverage it until regulatory bodies catch up to the technology in most countries.

So with future-proof tech, a new look and a mild hybrid system, Audi is hoping this new A6 can given segment stalwarts a run for their money. Will it be enough? Time will tell.


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  1. megeebee
    I think Audi does some of the best interiors in the Business.

    The new body..............maybe it's these photos and it might look better in person. I really like the current car.

    Maybe it's those exaggerated fairings over the wheels, just below the character line. It breaks the body "In 2" so to speak. Or maybe the deep "light-catcher" trench running through the bottom of the doors? I dunno. I'm kinda' disappointed.
    I am not feeling the interior dash design there are 2 things I am not liking.

    1. the black surround on the radio extending across

    2. the fake vent going all the way across the dash (The Malibu had a similar design and I hated it there too)
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