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Audi Wants More SUVs And Wagons

Audi Wants More SUVs And Wagons

By the end of 2018 Audi will have the youngest lineup of all the luxury brands. Despite its newness, Audi’s director of product planning, Barry Hoch, tells Automotive News he wants more SUVs and crossovers for his U.S. lineup. Even with several new products planned, Hoch feels there’s still “whitespaces” of opportunity for Audi.

One such whitespace may be a large SUV to slot above the Q7, which comes as little surprise given Audi has plans to produce a larger Q8.

“For us, obviously, one request from this side of the ocean is to have an even bigger SUV,” such as a Mercedes GLS competitor, said Hoch to Automotive News.

Hoch went on to say that Audi is getting some traction towards gaining such a product. That line likely means that he and his U.S. colleagues are having success lobbying the German home office in terms of getting this vehicle produced.

Audi also wants more of its unusual sportback models, riding on the coattails of the new A5 and S5 Sportback models. Hoch feels there is a segment of American’s that are “anti-SUV” and like having sportbacks and hatchback variants to consider.

“There is a small group of aficionados who could benefit from an additional wagon from Audi,” Hoch told Automotive News. “It’s certainly something that we see over in Europe, and I want it.”


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