Tesla has officially opened the doors on the company’s new Gigafactory just outside of Reno, Nevada. The Gigafactory is expected to ultimately produce most of the company’s batteries for its electric vehicles.

While the doors are now open, only about 14-percent of the $5 billion complex is actually complete. The facility is quite aspirational, as it’s expected to be about 10-million square feet by the time it is complete, making it one of the largest buildings in the world. Such a large building is expected to employ about 10,000 people once fully operational, at least according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Tesla is working with supplier Panasonic in setting up the new plant. They’re currently installing humidity controlled rooms to build battery packs in. The hope is to begin production by the end of this year, then continually expand to having at least one-third of the plant complete within a year from now.

Of course, the headline of this plant is that it is going to build the battery for the upcoming Model 3. So suffice to say, getting this plant up and running is beyond critical for Tesla.