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Tesla Temporary Adds Range For Florida Owners

Tesla Temporary Adds Range For Florida Owners

Many companies have offered assistance to folks impacted by the recent hurricanes. Tesla apparently joined the ranks quietly by enabling additional battery range for Tesla owners impacted by Hurricane Irma in Florida.

Electrek is reporting that owners of Tesla Model S and Model X 60 models are reporting that their cars were temporarily jumped to 75-kWh battery range. When Tesla was offering the 60-kWh cars, the actual battery pack was identical to the 75-kWh vehicles, but was software-locked to 60-kWh.

Tesla offers 60 model owners the opportunity to unlock the additional 15-kWh of juice by paying several thousand dollars for an over-the-air upgrade.

Florida owners report, and Tesla has confirmed, the company pushed an over-the-air update to vehicles in the evacuation zone of Hurricane Irma. Most owners reported around 40 miles more range than is typical from their vehicle.

Tesla actually has a very robust supercharger network in the state of Florida, but many of the superchargers were busy as owners attempted to head north for evacuation. Tesla apparently felt the added range would alleviate supercharger congestion.

It isn’t clear if the company has left the added range on these cars or if they’ve already taken the temporary juice away. Nonetheless, Florida Tesla owners who needed to escape to safety probably greatly appreciated it.


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