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Tesla Model 3 Getting Air Suspension Soon

Tesla Model 3 Getting Air Suspension Soon

Tesla is planning to rollout an air suspension system on the Model 3 sedan within about six months. The news came–as often does with Tesla–from Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeting about it. In the tweet, the executive said the air suspension system is tied to the dual-motor option, which is also coming sometime in 2018.

Right now the option list on the Model 3 is fairly restrictive. For example, buyers have virtually no options to select from and colors other than black are extra-cost. The restrictions are in place to standardize the production process; basically Tesla’s efforts to speed up production as quick as possible. Musk as referred to the ramp-up as “production hell.”

Model 3’s being sold today have a standard suspension setup. If we’re to believe Musk’s tweet, Model 3’s with dual-motors (meaning all-wheel-drive) will offer the company’s Smart Air Suspension system.

Tesla’s Smart Air Suspension utilizes GPS and software to learn the roads the vehicle travels on. Over time it builds a log to track when it needs to raise the suspension or lower it to adapt to road conditions. The feature started out as a $3,000 option on the Tesla Model S and Model X, but proved so popular that the company made it standard on all variants.

It isn’t clear if Tesla will eventually offer the air suspension system standard on the Model 3, but apparently it will be offered on the dual-motor version for sure.

Over time Tesla is expected to trickle out additional variants of the Model 3, most of which will be in the second half of 2018. Among the list of add-ons is expected to be a performance model, which will also likely utilize the air suspension system.


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