Tesla today has quietly revealed a new base model of the Model X crossover. The new 60D version is arriving with an EPA rated 200 mile electric range and a $74,000 base price – $9,000 less than the current base version.

The model adjustment follows a trend of Tesla changing battery sizes constantly. Tesla recently scrapped a 70D version of the Model X in favor of the 75D that’s been on sale up to this point. However, the company also has a history of selling vehicles with software-limited batteries, then giving the customer the chance to pay to “upgrade” the software to use more of the physical battery.

Aside from the amount of useable battery, the 60D version of the Model X is unchanged from the 75D. It has the same 130 mph top speed and the same zero to 60 time of around 6.0 seconds.

So who knows, this “60D” model may actually have the 75D battery pack. The buyer can then spend a few thousand later and access the rest of the pack.