Tesla isn’t forgetting those very early adopters that purchased its original Roadster. The tech company is launching a battery upgrade program for the Lotus-based two-seater that will give owners an additional 100 miles of battery range…but at a cost.

Dubbed the “Roadster 3.0” upgrade, the program includes replacing the battery in the car with a new 80-kW unit. While it adds some weight to the car, it gives owners 340 miles of range in average conditions, which is about 35-percent more than the original car offered.

Buyers wanted to keep their Roadster fresh will have to fork over about $29,000 for the new battery. The steep price, apparently, isn’t even enough for Tesla to make a profit on it. The company is doing this more as a goodwill to the early adopters that purchased a Roadster.

This upgrade program isn’t the end of the road for the Tesla Roadster. Tesla has confirmed that they are working on a second-generation version that will launch sometime around 2019. Unlike the original, this one will be engineering entirely in-house.