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Tesla Discontinuing Rear-Wheel-Drive Model S

Tesla Discontinuing Rear-Wheel-Drive Model S

Tesla is reportedly axing the last single-motor version of its Model S lineup. The move will leave only dual-motor variants of the car left for buyers, and comes as the company looks to differentiate the Model S from the lower-priced Model 3 sedan.

In recent weeks Tesla has been modifying the option list, pricing and packaging on its Model S and Model X, keeping a promise CEO Elon Musk made as necessary attempts to make space between the Model 3 and higher-end models. Electrek is reporting that the Model S 75 will be discontinued on September 24th.

Currently the Model S 75 is the cheapest version of the car offered after Tesla previously discontinued the 70 and 60 versions. Buyers will now only have dual-motor options to choose from, meaning every Model S sedan will be all-wheel-drive.

It is unclear if Tesla will modify the Model S pricing model to accommodate the change. If not, the base price of a Model S will come in at $74,500. Meanwhile, the base Model 3–now the only Tesla sedan with a single-motor–starts at $35,000.


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