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Tesla Delays Semi Truck Reveal

Tesla Delays Semi Truck Reveal

Perhaps it comes as no surprise, but Tesla has announced it is delaying the reveal of its upcoming electric semi truck. The announcement was originally scheduled for Oct. 26th, but has since been pushed back to Nov. 16th according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Musk says the delay is so that the company can focus on production ‘bottlenecks’ with its new Model 3 sedan. Tesla has grossly underperformed versus its own production forecast for the car; blaming said bottlenecks as the reasoning.

In addition to taking more time to fix Model 3 production, Musk also says he wants the company to focus on battery production for the fragile electric grid in Puerto Rico and other hurricane impacted areas.

Rumors suggest the Tesla semi truck will be good for 200 to 300 miles per charge, slotting the truck right in the middle of the short-haul trucking market. But as is always the case with Tesla, we’ll have to wait until Musk himself reveals it, which is now scheduled for Nov. 16th.


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  1. Andrew_L
    Another big PR ding. Yikes

    Yea not too good of news all around in that but I am sure their stock will still soar upwards.
    Another big PR ding. Yikes
    Is the Tesla house of cards finally collapsing?
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