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Tesla Collecting Video From Its Vehicles

Tesla Collecting Video From Its Vehicles

Data is essentially today’s oil, so the more the merrier! In Tesla’s case, they’re looking to up their ante in the data world by adding videos to their collection. More specifically, the company has added video collection to its data sharing policy in order to help make “self driving safer.”

The updated data sharing policy appeared on owners’ Tesla vehicles last Friday during a software update to Autopilot 2.0. While the primary function of the software update was to enhance the functionality of Autosteer, owners first had to opt-in to the new data policy.

According to the policy, which has been published by Electrek, Tesla will now collect “short” videos from the vehicle’s eight exterior-facing cameras in order for the company to gain insight into real-world situations. Specifically, the company says they will use the videos to analyze lane markings, speed limit signs and the locations of streetlights.

The video collection will be in addition to other data points Tesla is already collecting off its fleet of vehicles, mostly data from the car’s sensors and radar system.

Back in October 2016 Tesla switched its camera system from supplier Mobileye to “Tesla Vision,” an in-house camera system. Cars equipped with the new system had limited Autosteer functionality as part of Autopilot 2.0, a frustration point for owners of the company’s newest products. The software update pushed to newer Tesla models last Friday increased the Autosteer function to gain parity with the older Mobileye hardware.

Autosteer will now function at speeds of up to 90 mph on the highway, while off-highway limits are now at 5 mph above the known speed limit of the road. If a speed limit is unknown, the car will Autosteer up to 45 mph.



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