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Preliminary Tesla Semi Pricing Surfaces; It's Cheaper Than Expected

Preliminary Tesla Semi Pricing Surfaces; It's Cheaper Than Expected

While the company is in the midst of “production hell” launching its new Model 3 sedan, last week Tesla formally revealed its all-new electric semi truck. Aptly named Tesla Semi, the company was scarce on details during the event, but details are beginning to surface. Along the details now known is its preliminary pricing.

While many analysts expected the price of the Tesla Semi to be fairly high into the six-figure arena, it is coming in on the cheaper side of six-figures. According to InsideEV’s the base model Tesla Semi will cost $150,000. The base model gains truckers a 300-mile electric range, while an additional $30,000 to the price will get you the 500-mile range.

Of course, Tesla is keen on engaging in any stunt that will raise the company some cash today, so there will be a Founder’s Series Semi that cost $200,000. This particular truck requires an immediate deposit of $200,000 today if you’re interested. The rest of the trucks can be reserved today with a $20,000 deposit; four-times more than the $5,000 reservation price announced at last week’s reveal.

In comparison, a typical diesel-powered semi truck can cost between $80,000 and $150,000, making the Tesla trucks on the high side of the current market. Where the Tesla gains an advantage is in terms of operating costs. The average cost of operating a diesel semi truck is about $1.38 per mile. Tesla says its truck could shave up to $.25 per mile off that figure, a statistic that is sure to grab the attention of distribution firms.

As is always the case with Tesla products, the pricing information here is subject to change. Tesla says the Semi will not go on sale until 2019, leaving plenty of time for the company to change its mind on pricing.


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