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Musk: New Tesla Roadster Coming...Sometime

Musk: New Tesla Roadster Coming...Sometime

As he often does, Elon Musk confirmed via Twitter that a second-generation Tesla Roadster is in the works. When asked about the issue, the CEO stated that a new Roadster is coming, but that it will be “some years away.”

The comment clearly suggests that a second-generation two-seater isn’t much of a priority inside Tesla, which is not surprising. Tesla is eager to begin production of its hotly-anticipated Model 3 sedan, which is way more critical to the company’s financial performance than a new roadster product could ever be. Tesla has also basically confirmed its next product after the Model 3 will be a new, smaller crossover based on the Model 3 sedan.

Musk and other Tesla executives have thrown out other future product ideas, such as even a pickup truck. Rest assured, it sounds like the company’s R&D department has plenty of irons in the fire that are probably higher priority than the roadster, and more practical.

Despite being on the back burner, we do know somethings about the next roadster. Tesla executives have confirmed that it will be bigger than the original and faster. In fact, Tesla ultimately wants the roadster to be the fastest car in the lineup, meaning it will have to have a zero to 60 mph time of less than 2.5 seconds, which is where the Model S P100D is at today.

Another aspect of the next roadster that has been confirmed is that it will be developed in-house. The original Tesla Roadster was partially developed by Lotus, which is something Musk is on the record of stating he regretted.



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  1. Andrew_L
    me thinks it'll be 3-based ... or oughta be

    Probably a good bet it will be!
    me thinks it'll be 3-based ... or oughta be

    In house is the way to go while partnering with Lotus was fine this gives them the chance to really package it the way they want specially with the batteries
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