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Musk Confirms Tesla Model 3 Branding Will Use Arabic Numeral

 Source:Electrek | Publication date: Feb 5, 2017 | Author(s):Fred Lambert

No doubt to the dismay of those aspiring to prepubescent retrogrades, Tesla chief executive Elon Musk today confirmed that the company would be opting for the numeric ‘3’ over three horizontal lines (☰) to brand its upcoming Model 3 compact electric sedan.

In late January, Tesla made changes to its website to identify the Model 3 using the Arabic numeral over what is frequently referred to as the ‘hamburger’ symbol. However, it wasn’t known if the collateral updates were an indication of a definitive switch.

Tesla’s use of the three horizontal lines reflected its original intention to call the Model 3 the ‘Model E’ and coincided with its use in the company logo.

With the Model S and Model X already in its lineup, adding the Model ☰ would have conveniently completed the ribald acronym ‘SEX’ and slotted in perfectly for the future given word that the Model Y is on the way.


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