According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Autopilot was not engaged on the Model X that recently crashed in Pennsylvania. This assertion comes despite initial reports that the driver blamed the semi-autonomous feature as to why his Model X hit a guard rail and then rolled over on July 1st.

Musk made the announcement via Twitter on Friday evening, a form of communication he seems to fancy. He stated that the vehicle logs the company pulled from the Model X confirm that the Autopilot functionality was not on during the incident. In fact, he went so far as to state that the crash would not have happened if Autopilot would have been engaged at the time. That claim seems a bit far-fetched from the CEO of a company that is under tough scrutiny for this very feature, but it’s a very “Musk-like” remark nonetheless.

Tesla has officially commented on this case before by saying the company had “no reason to believe” Autopilot was involved in the incident. Musk’s tweet essentially drive’s home the company’s earlier PR response.

This news just adds more drama to the entire Autopilot saga. The saga started after a Model S crashed in Florida on May 7th, opening an investigation by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

There’s been no official reaction from the Model X driver since Tesla’s confirmation that the vehicle logs show Autopilot was not on at the time of the crash.