Tesla Motors Inc. has shortened its website domain from teslamotors.com to tesla.com, increasing speculation that the move anticipates a company name change as part of Elon Musk’s “master plan.”

According to internet governance organization ICANN, the Tesla domain name and address were formally changed on Monday, with visitors to teslamotors.com now being redirected to the tesla.com address. Web users who navigate to teslaenergy.com for information about the company’s stationary storage batteries are also now redirected to tesla.com/energy.

Last month, Musk suggested that a merger between Tesla and SolarCity Corp would provide Tesla with the potential to become a “trillion-dollar” operation in terms of market capitalization.

So far, Tesla has not responded to media inquiries about the web address change.

Update: Musk now says via Twitter that a “post should go live on Tesla website” around 5:00 PT Wednesday which will provide details of the plan.