Despite being one of the fastest-growing automotive brands in the U.S., the majority of buyers aren’t listing design as a primary reason for considering a Subaru. Well, Subaru is hoping to change that by launching an all-new design language that they’re calling Dynamic X Solid, which is debuting on the all-new Imprezza this year.

Subaru global design chief Mamoru Ishii has spent his entire career at Subaru. With a pennant for vintage Japense sports cars, Ishii is on a mission to make exterior design a reason buyers want a Subaru.

“We are moving to that next step, aiming for a product that the customer will buy because of the design, a design that has excitement, emotion, one that is solid and dynamic,” Ishii tells Automotive News.

The new design language has been in development for about four years. While the first iteration of the new theme will arrive with the Imprezza in November, Subaru says that the design theme will be on the entire lineup within five years. Dynamic X Solid will be characterized by a more chiseled front clip and more muscular sides.

Nonetheless, the brand that, at one time, advertised themselves as “cheap and ugly” in ad copy in the 1960’s is setting out to give buyers another reason to take a look. However, if recent sales are any indication…Subaru doesn’t necessarily need another reason for buyers to consider. So long as this new design language doesn’t come at the expense of the reasons buyers are running to their showrooms now, this should be a very positive development for the brand.