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Subaru Plant Prepares For Ascent

Subaru Plant Prepares For Ascent

Subaru of America is expanding its U.S. assembly plant to accommodate an upcoming model. The company is shuffling assembly lines and adding space for its upcoming Ascent three-row crossover.

Subaru says it is investing $100 million into the Lafayette, Ind., plant and adding about 200 jobs. The additions will yield a total of 5,800 employees working in the facility to produce the Outback, Impreza, Legacy and new Ascent.

In order to prepare for the Ascent to begin production in the second quarter of 2018, Subaru is shuffling the assembly lines at the facility. The new Ascent will be produced on the A-line within the plant, moving the Outback to the B-line that produces the Legacy and Impreza now.

According to Automotive News Subaru has had to make a number of changes at the plant to handle Subaru’s largest-ever product. The changes have included new carriers throughout the plant, which were installed earlier this year during scheduled downtime.

Additional changes have been made throughout the plant as well, largely due to the Ascent’s size.

The Subaru plant actually produced Toyota Carmy’s up until early 2016. At that time the plant dropped Camry production to bring Impreza production in from Japan. The company says that transition went quickly and anticipates no issues launching the Ascent.

Subaru will reveal the new Ascent crossover at November’s Los Angeles Auto Show. Thus far it is only slated to be sold in North America; Subaru’s attempt to seize on buyer’s love affair with crossovers and SUVs.


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