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User Feedback Yields New Features

User Feedback Yields New Features

There’s undoubtedly an underlying vision behind AutoVerdict, which has been referenced several times since we launched. However, we also explicitly said that any good strategy has some flexibility in it. Based on feedback from our readers, we have added some new features to the site to enhance the forum side of AutoVerdict.

New Discussion Forums 

Based on forum member feedback, we’ve added a new “Member Discussion” section to the forum. This section includes seven forums in which all members may start new threads. This area is designed for members to post automotive content and discussions that may not necessarily fit the mold of being “news.”

Suggested Reading Forum 

Within the new “Member Discussion” section is a new forum called “Suggested Reading.” This forum is very narrowly focused for members to post new threads with syndicated automotive news that we may not have covered. All users can post new threads in this forum. When clicking “New Thread” you will be directed to a form to fill out so that all news content is formatted correctly. This standardization makes for easier reading for users and cuts down on moderator work.


We’ve received some feedback the that color scheme of the forums is difficult to read on certain displays. We are in the process of tweaking the color scheme of the forum and are working with some members to find the right color mix. More to come on this issue in the next week.

On behalf of all of us on AutoVerdict, we want to thank you for the feedback and helping us perfect the site as it grows.


About Nick Saporito

AutoVerdict Senior Editor Nick Saporito began writing about cars at age 13. Nick ran a couple of automotive enthusiast sites for several years, before taking some time off to focus on his career and education. By day he's a marketing executive in the telecom world and by night he hangs out here at AV. You'll find him focusing on tech, design and the industry's future.
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  1. 2b2
    fwiw - at Library but noticed elsewhere

    [Last Post} doesn't (always?) go there

    sorry - no time for details
    Feel free to drop us a line if you have any articles that you'd like to consider for a blog as well.

    Will do.

    At the moment, I don't, but ... that could change.

    1 thing I thought of, though, & I could've sworn I asked it somewhere, so if this is a duplicate query, my apologies. Will AV have a "vintage" section ... or should vintage discussion go in the respective forums?

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    Feedback about the main site: it's too nerdy.

    Too much data crammed into too little space.

    Feedback about the forum: it's too nerdy.

    Too many individual forums and too much organization on the main page.

    Part of what drove GMI obviously was that you could have one person post half a dozen articles in an hour. Here, content is on too much of a controlled trickle. Not enough opportunity for user-generated content, but I think Nick said you goys were working on that.

    Front page needs to be addressed, though. Too much of a 2008 MotorTrend vibe.

    Flipping the individual categories' sidebars to a horizontal orientation and blowing up the main article's picture and cutting the text blurb would probably clean it up.

    TL;DR make the front page more palatable for the Untermenschen of the automotive world. Big pretty pictures and minimal text to draw them in.
    Good options! I'd like to be able to pick my own theme as well, something with the current blue theme is hard on the eyes...
    Some forums allow you to pick different "themes" with different color themes. Perhaps you guys could add that? Not sure about the limitations on this site though if it will allow that at all or not.

    That's an option that we may support as well.
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