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Nissan Rogue Hybrid Discontinued for 2020

Nissan Rogue Hybrid Discontinued for 2020

The Nissan Rogue Hybrid is officially gone after the 2019 model year. Launched during the 2017 model year, the Rogue Hybrid never really caught on, largely due to questionable economics.

Back when the Rogue Hybrid came to market there wasn’t a lot in the way of competition, aside from the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. Since then the competitive landscape has netted an all-new RAV4 Hybrid and soon-to-be Ford Escape plug-in hybrid, with the new RAV4 offering a seven mpg advantage over the Rogue Hybrid in all-wheel-drive format. The Escape will likely offer a sizable advantage in mpg as well.

Even the economics of the Rogue Hybrid itself are questionable. Buyers had to fork over an extra $2,800 just to get the hybrid powertrain, but their fuel economy only improved by five mpg on the combined city and highway figure. The total fuel savings equated to about $200 per year, meaning most buyers would not keep the Rogue Hybrid long enough for it to pay for itself.

Nissan does not break out Rogue Hybrid sales versus the rest of the Rogue lineup, but it is likely a very small portion of its overall volume.

Those still wanting a Rogue Hybrid have some time left. The 2019 model is still on dealership lots with a base price of $28,595 before they’re all gone.



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