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Nissan Blurs Line Between Sedan, Crossover With New Concept

Nissan Blurs Line Between Sedan, Crossover With New Concept

It’s rare these days automakers show radical concept cars, but the Nissan IMs Concept is just that. The IMs is previewing an all-electric, self-driving future in a body that is somewhat sedan and somewhat crossover.

Nissan is technically referring to the IMs Concept as a sedan, but the ride height of this sedan is more in line with that of a crossover utility vehicle. Perhaps this unusual layout is due partially to consumer preference, but it is also out of utility for the car. Nissan has stacked the concept’s 115-kWh battery pack under the car and its thickness as at least partially dictated its ride height.

The tall height isn’t the only big dimension with this car. The car is a staggering 114-inches long, putting it in minivan territory. The length is there because this car is effectively a limo; designed with a massive backseat that can convert into thrones for passengers who wish to be driven versus actually drive. The thrones will be coddled with an adaptive air suspension system that has driver selectable modes.

For those who do care about driving, the IMs will hold up to 380 miles of range per charge. That juice powers two electric motors–one on each axle–to produce 483 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque.

Drivers of this futuristic ride are also greeted with an all-new take on infotainment systems. With a host of display screens, the car features a 3D augmented reality view of the car’s surroundings, which Nissan is calling Invisible-to-Invisible (I2V). Drivers do not even have to scroll through the view, the system tracks their eye movement to move with them.

The futuristic feel is enhanced even further by pedals and a steering wheel that fold away so the car can simply drive itself. When in self-driving mode, the front seats can spin around to create a lounge-like atmosphere in this space-age sedan.

It’s unclear if the Nissan IMs has any sort of future as a production car. Our best guess is that it is previewing some of the technology that will arrive in future Nissan vehicles down the road, but the concept itself isn’t likely to see production in its current form.



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