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Nissan: 370Z "Not A Priority"

Nissan: 370Z "Not A Priority"

Nissan fans may be getting irritated at this point. The brand has a laser focus on market segments like small crossovers, but it’s leaving its heritage behind in the dust when it comes to cars such as the 370Z.

Speaking with AutoGuide at the New York Auto Show this week, Nissan’s senior vice president of sales, marketing and operations offered a rather telling statement regarding the 370Z.

“The 370Z is not a priority for us,” stated Christian Meunier to AutoGuide. 

The rather bold statement perhaps comes as little surprised. Despite debuting the 2018 Heritage Edition of the car in New York, the car has gotten little love from Nissan since about 2009. Its low prioritization in Nissan land is kind of obvious.

However, his statement begs the question as to what is next for the 370Z? Like most enthusiast cars, rumors about the future of the 370Z have been all over the place. At one point their was speculation that the 370Z would evolve into a crossover. There’s also been speculation Nissan will just kill off the 370Z and forget it.

Nonetheless, it sounds like we can fully expect Nissan to continue to focus on crossovers and SUVs. The good news is that Meunier did confirm the GT-R is still very important to the brand.


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  1. Andrew_L
    My parents made the switch to Nissan in 2006 and they love them. I don't see why though. Their 2006 Altima had quite a few problems and was quite soulless.
    Yeah what Jesda said X's1000
    Regardless of how we enthusiasts feel, there's a huge market for soulless trash like the Nissan Rogue. Pudgy secretaries named Cathy want to sit up high while sipping 600-calorie beverages from Starbucks.
    The Rogue is definitely selling well. And I'll give them credit: they identified lots of markets early, like the performance SUV with the FX45 and the small sports CUV with the Juke. But they don't seem to be able to build on these ideas -- the Rogue and the Mallfinder are dead nuts middle of the market. Would love to see them build on their good ideas and see that permiate their product development.

    True. Their success with Millennials has been a bit of a head-scratcher for me. I don't see the appeal as one myself, but I'm far from typical lol
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