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Infiniti Taps F1 Talent For Q60 Black S Hybrid Concept

Infiniti Taps F1 Talent For Q60 Black S Hybrid Concept

It’s bold looking and moves fast, according to Infiniti. The brand will be using the Geneva Motor Show as a platform to reveal the Q60 Black S Hybrid Concept, a car that has been designed by leveraging a combination of Infiniti and parent company Renault’s F1 technical team expertise.

The joint-venture approach to this car’s development starts with its powertrain. The Q60 Black S is powered by a twin-turbocharged 400 horsepower 3.0-liter V-6 that’s paired with a KERS motor generator developed by the F1 team, which adds an additional 100 horsepower to the mix.

The F1-style generator is designed to collect energy from the brakes and exhaust gas, sending it to a lithium-ion battery pack for storage. Subsequently, the battery pack sends power to the twin-turbo engine to spin the turbos faster and boost overall engine output. This hybrid setup isn’t for fuel economy, that’s for sure.

Aside from the substantial technical changes in this car over the typical Q60, the visual changes are also vast. Clearly the F1 team got involved in the car’s radical design, which features significant changes in the name of aerodynamics. The primary focus was, of course, increasing overall downforce on the car with the added carbon fiber bits.

There’s no official word yet on if the Q60 Black S has any chance at production. Infiniti has said a few times now that their collaboration with the F1 team is a serious venture, whatever that may mean for the future.


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