The Infiniti QX60 Monograph has been revealed, showcasing a rather clear view at what the future production QX60 will look like. While the design here is evolutionary from today’s Infiniti lineup, it does appear to be a significant step forward for Infiniti’s most-popular model.

Today’s QX60 actually launched back in 2013, meaning it is long overdue for a major overhaul. The Monograph intends to show us where the next QX60 is going when the redesigned version finally hits the market.

Overall this design is cleaner than current Infiniti entries. The lines are elegant and designers have moved the beltline higher giving it a commanding stance, especially when combined with the massive grille up front. The blacked-out greenhouse is a trend borrowed from the likes of Land Rover and Lincoln, making the QX60 Monograph something familiar to the Lincoln Aviator when it comes to proportions.

Aside from showcasing the visuals of the QX60 Monograph, Infiniti isn’t saying much about this “design study” or the future production version. Infiniti did confirm the redesigned QX60 will feature three rows of seats, which comes as little surprise given it’s almost a prerequisite for the segment.