The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross isn’t known for its stunning design, but Mitsubishi is trying to clean it up a bit for 2022 with a design refresh. While an improvement, it isn’t likely to move the needle too much.

When the Eclipse Cross launched it was lauded for having an awkward rear design. For whatever reason Mitsubishi designers decided it was a good idea to slot in two rear windows, split by a horizontal lamp treatment. The look was busy and, frankly, reminded some people of the Pontiac Aztek. This is a mistake Mitsubishi is trying to correct with this refresh, which includes a more traditional rear hatch design.

There’s now only one rear window and the weird horizontal lamps have been pulled out in favor of more conventional units. Frankly, the new design is fairly unoffensive compared to the old one.

Changes to the exterior design beyond the rear are a little more challenging to spot. There’s a new front fascia that includes slimmer headlights and a slightly modified grille design, but regular buyers are unlikely to really notice. The sheet metal remains completely unchanged from today’s model, typical of a refresh.

Inside Mitsubishi has kept the changes to a minimum, noting that the previous seven-inch touchscreen display has been swapped for a new eight-inch unit that includes a revised user interface. Aside from that, the interior is essentially unchanged.

There’s a lack of changes under the hood, too. The 2022 Eclipse Cross will continue to be powered exclusively by a turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder that generates 152 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque. That power continues to flow through a CVT automatic to the front or all four wheels.

As part of the refresh Mitsubishi also announced a new plug-in hybrid variant of the Eclipse Cross. Unfortunately that model will not arrive in the U.S. and be limited to Europe.

Mitsubishi has not disclosed official pricing of the 2022 Eclipse Cross, but expect it to closely follow the current version, which starts around $24,000.