Having admitted to manipulating fuel economy test data for 20 of its models, Mitsubishi Motors Corp. has indicated that it will take a $480 million charge to compensate buyers of the affected vehicles.

In a statement issued on Friday, the company said that it used “desktop calculations” to determine mileage ratings rather than data collected through field tests for cars that it sold in Japan beginning in 2006. Resistance readings for some of the models were also lowered to produce better fuel economy ratings.

As part of the compensation package, Mitsubishi will pay 100,000 yen and cover the differences in fuel costs and taxes for buyers of its minicars. Owners of five other models will each be given 30,000 yen.

Mitsubishi anticipates that the transport ministry in Japan will verify recalculated fuel ratings for its current models so that the company can resume sales at the end of the month.