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Mercedes-AMG One Reportedly Delayed

Mercedes-AMG One Reportedly Delayed

Mercedes-AMG’s F1 car for the street is reportedly delayed by about two years. The German automaker has ran into problems associated with the One’s complicated powertrain, which is actually not a huge surprise.

The Mercedes-AMG One was revealed back in 2017 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. At the time, the car was said to arrive in 2019 for customers who were willing to fork over the 3 million euro asked on the price. The high price would yield buyers a full-bodied F1 car that’s street legal, including a grossly complex powertrain that involves no less than four electric motors.

According to Auto Motor Sport Mercedes engineers may have over underestimated the complexity of this powertrain. The report says they’ve hit a series of problems originating from the car’s planned 1.6-liter V-6 engine, which includes an electric turbocharger, an electric motor working in tandem with the gas engine, another electric motor on the crankshaft and finally two more on each front wheel.

Specifically, F1 powertrains generally require the oil to be heated up prior to even starting the car. While this works for F1 circuits, it is not ideal for road use when in stop-and-go traffic, for example. The car is also struggling to achieve emissions requirements.

Mercedes isn’t the first automaker who’s tried to bring an F1 car to the streets. Porsche also tried and ultimately their effort was scrapped by the VW board due to the powertrain’s complexity, so hopefully Mercedes does not report the same with One by 2021.



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