Well secrets are overrated, apparently. The German Car Forum has leaked what appear to be official shots of the Mercedes-AMG GT R in all of its green hell glory. The new top-dog AMG is scheduled for official reveal today at the Goodwood Speed Festival.

Really, the car looks as good as we expected. In fact, it’s quite stunning with more changes from the GT S than originally anticipated. One such change is the addition of subtle heritage design cues, such as the vertical slats on the grille.

Positioned to run with the Porsche 911GT3 RS, the 577 horsepower GT R is only 3,627-pounds thanks to heavier use of carbon fiber over the GT S version. Additionally, the GT R packs better brakes, revised suspension and obviously a more aggressive body kit.

We also can’t help but mention its Green Hell Mango paint job one last time.

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