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Mazda Won't Offer Rotary Sports Car By 2020

Mazda Won't Offer Rotary Sports Car By 2020

Mazda may have confirmed plans to bring back the coveted rotary engine as a generator for electrified models, but it is stopping short of confirming a sports car variant using the returned icon. Why? The money simply isn’t there.

Speaking to journalists at the Tokyo Motor Show, senior managing executive officer and R&D chief Kiyoshi Fujiwara completely killed the idea that a rotary-powered sports car would launch in 2020. Such a rumor has existed in recent years, assuming Mazda would leverage its centenary year to roll out a flagship sports car.

“We cannot provide the RX-VISION to the market by 2020, because we do not have enough money to invest, to commercialize it,” Fujiwara stated as reported by Motoring.

It’s tough to be anymore blunt than Fujiwara. Simply put, Mazda does not have the resources to make a new RX happen by 2020. He went on to tell reporters that the company has been investing heavily in its new Skyactiv-X compression ignition engine as well as other electrification technologies. These investments have obviously come at the expense of a returned RX car, for now.

Fujiwara says the company is investing in the rotary engine to power a sports car, but stopped short of confirming that a new RX will ultimately rollout. He did suggest that if the Skyactiv-X engine line is a success, the money will probably be there to hammer out a new RX car.

This news comes as a bit of a disappointment to enthusiasts who have longed for a new RX car from the Mazda brand. The company teased us all with the RX Vision Concept back in 2015, the car that was rumored to see a production version by 2020.


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  1. arutherford
    Oh come on...it will basically be a decade between models...
    I'd love them to bring back a rotary sports car, but I wonder if there is a market. Perhaps if they are successful at moving the brand upmarket, but two sports cars for one maker seems like a stretch. And, from a halo perspective, the Miata is still a safer bet for being the keeper of the 'zoom-zoom' flame.

    That said, somebody should try an all-road sports car — something that combines the best attributes of something like a rally car and a pure sports car. That's closer to the current market, where CUVs dominate, and might make for an interesting use of a compact, power-dense powerplant like a rotary. Maybe in the 2020s?
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