Although not yet official for the North American car, Mazda has released details regarding updates it is conducting on the 2017 Mazda3 for global markets. The changes are minor at best, but include some technology updates and minor visual enhancements.

You’ll have to look closely at the photos to notice the visual changes for 2017. Essentially it has gotten new headlights that are LED, as well as a very minor touch-up to the front fascia. The design changes generally equate to those recently performed on the Mazda6, all of which is likely an effort to keep a consistently family look with that of the new CX-9. Word is the lower-end Mazda3 will retain the old look and halogen headlights, another theme borrowed from the Mazda6.

Inside Mazda has thrown in a new steering wheel design and cleaned up the dash panel a bit versus today’s version. Expect the interior changes to find their way into all Mazda3’s, not just the high-end versions.

The global car is gaining several new technology features. Mazda’s heads-up display system has been upgraded to full-color, a feature borrowed from the new CX-9. Additionally, Mazda has joined the ranks of most automakers by adding a front-facing camera to control the 3’s automatic braking system. Today’s car uses a laser, which limits the conditions in which the system can function. Mazda has not yet confirmed if all technology enhancements will find their way to the North American version just yet.

Perhaps the bigger news with this update is the addition of G-Vectoring Control. The 3 is Mazda’s first application of this system, which is designed to reduce torque steer.

The new Mazda3 is already available in Japan where it’s sold as the Alexa and will enter the European market later this year. There’s still no official word on when it will be available in North America.