When Mazda introduced its Skyactiv series of technologies in 2011, the automaker indicated that a cleaner, sportier diesel powerplant would be included among the new engines, transmissions, bodies and chassis. Yet with the second generation of the platform approaching, the diesel remains a footnote on the company’s website.

Mazda Motor Corp. chief executive Masamichi Kogai maintains however, that the diesel will hit the U.S. market and that it is still following an internal timeline for its debut.

During Mazda’s July 14 reveal of the refreshed Mazda3 sedan and hatchback, Kogai did not provide specific details on the production schedule for the diesels but insisted that “we are not giving up.”

Mazda claims that the clean diesel Skyactiv-D has been held back from its American debut as a result of rigorous U.S. emissions regulations that have compromised driving performance. For Kogai, a balance needs to be reached where “environmental performance must be compatible with driving dynamics.”

While the Skyactiv-D remains on indefinite hold for the U.S. market, the next generation of the platform is on target to launch in March 2019.