Isuzu is expected to build a new pickup for Mazda to replace the company’s BT-50 sold in many global markets.

At this time the deal has just been inked on paper between the two Japanese automakers, so details are hardly available. The naming, powertrain and other details will have to wait until development actually begins. What is known is that this truck will replace the Mazda BT-50 midsize pickup that’s sold just about everywhere but North America.

The BT-50 was just refreshed for the 2016 model year, but dates back to 2006. Since 2006 the BT-50 has been built upon the Ford Ranger platform. Apparently the deal with Ford is ending, so Mazda found Isuzu has a suitor for its new pickup.

Isuzu is undoubtedly a benefactor in this deal as well. Developing a new vehicle is expensive, so being able to spread the investment over two models instead of one may ultimately allow them to develop a better pickup overall.

That development will definitely be focused on global markets only as Mazda has already explicitly stated that the successor to the BT-50 will not be sold in North America.