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2020 Land Rover Defender Uncovered on Instagram

2020 Land Rover Defender Uncovered on Instagram

These days iconic nameplates are coming back all the time it seems. One such icon from Britain is the Land Rover Defender, which is slated to return later this year as a 2020 model. Land Rover has already flashed plenty of official spy shots of the Defender, but now it has reportedly leaked out naked via Instagram.

The photo’s origins are unknown, but the description suggests this 2020 Defender was caught on-set during the filming of the next James Bond film, which seems like a plausible assertion. What is obvious from the photo is that this vehicle closely matches all of the official spy shots Land Rover has shown of the Defender during its development.

Defender’s iconic boxy shape is intact with a few stylistic cues borrowed from other recent Land Rover designs. While the front fascia is clearly visible in this photo, the rear still remains a bit of a mystery.

Remaining mysteries will be fully uncovered later this month during the Frankfurt Motor Show, when Land Rover will reveal the returned icon. Land Rover issued the below teaser of the new Defender, showcasing its quintessential nameplate across the front of the hood. Of course, the Defender in the teaser is also dirty, because that’s what Defenders do…play in the mud.

The Defender was last in production in 2016, but stateside buyers haven’t been able to acquire a brand new one since 1997. However, the wait is nearly over as Land Rover will open the order books for the 2020 Defender shortly after its reveal.


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