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Kia Stinger Expected To Start Around $32,000

Kia Stinger Expected To Start Around $32,000

Perhaps it comes as little surprise, but it sounds like the upcoming Kia Stinger will be a hell of a bargain. In a new report, Kia confirmed the price tag for its new rear-wheel-drive sedan, which will carry a starting price of $32,795 when it goes on sale later this year.

The base price tag will net buyers a 255 turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder that Kia says will go zero to 60 mph in about 5.9 seconds. The base car also comes well-equipped with options such as dual-zone climate control, a 7-inch touchscreen and more.

Buyers who want more luxury items will be able to opt for the Stinger Premium model when equipped with the 2.0-liter engine, which will push the price tag up to $37,895. As the name implies, this pack will add more screen real estate; both in the gauge cluster and dash, provide a sunroof and LED headlights.

Of course, the headliner here is the Stinger GT. The GT models is powered by a twin-turbocharged 3.3-liter V-6 that hammers out 365 horsepower to an eight-speed automatic transmission. The combination will yield a zero to 60 mph time of 4.7 seconds and buyers can have this performance for a starting price of $39,895. Aside from a few GT-specific design cues, the base GT is equipped similar to the base four-cylinder model.

GT buyers have two upgrade options, versus the one with the four-cylinder. The GT1 package is the equivalent to the Premium package on the four-cylinder for a price of $44,395. A GT2 package will serve as the range-topper at $50,395. The GT2 package offers exclusive goodies, such as head-up display, a power trunk, and limited-slip differential. GT2 also adds all of the active safety features buyers in this league have come to expect.

All-wheel-drive can be added to all models of the Stinger as a $2,200 option. It is worth noting that Car And Driver is reporting this pricing, which was provided by Kia and labeled as estimates that are subject to change. The 2018 Kia Stinger will launch in the U.S. later this year.


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