Kia has previewed seven dedicated battery-electric vehicles it plans to launch by 2027. The seven new models will be a key part of the company’s global electrification strategy.

Kia has not offered up any details on the seven EV’s shown in the above teaser. The company says nearly all of its EV’s will be built on the company’s Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) and offer best-in-class interior space. The first of these models–codenamed CV–will be revealed sometime next year.

A quick glance at the teaser suggests most of the seven dedicated EV’s will be some flavor of SUV or crossover, which comes as little surprise. At least one of the models appears to be a sports car of sorts.

According to company president Ho Sung Song, Kia aspires to have 25 percent of its sales volume come from EV’s by 2029. Kia has 11 EV’s planned to be on the global market by 2025, some of which will be the dedicated models previewed in today’s teaser.