The province of Ontario announced on Wednesday that it has committed $66.5 million to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to help support research and training initiatives.

The funding will be used to expand a research and development center shared with the University of Windsor and to assist with training in the production of the Pacifica minivan.

FCA withdrew an appeal for provincial investment in 2014 after the negotiations garnered negative attention in the midst of an election year. While the company never publicly disclosed the amount of funding that it sought, a media report indicated that it may have been up to $540 million.

Despite any perceived acrimony resulting from the previous negotiations, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne indicated that “I think there was an understanding that this partnership was important to both of us and we were going to find a way through it.”

For its part, Fiat Chrysler Canada Chief Executive Reid Bigland praised the commitment, stating “We’re very proud of the support and grateful for the support that we receive from the province of Ontario.”