According to a study released by the American Automobile Association, 2015 marked a record-breaking year for rescues despite advancements in vehicle technology.

During 2015, 32 million U.S. drivers were provided with roadside assistance, with battery, flat tire and key-related issues reaching all-time highs.

The report indicates that 2010 model year and newer cars have an especially large number of problems involving tires and keys, suggesting that moves to eliminate spare tires and incorporate keyless ignitions have increased complications.

Highlights of the AAA report include:

  • battery issues, flat tires and keys locked inside the vehicle make up the majority of roadside assistance requests
  • vehicles 6 to 10 years old have the most battery-related issues, as most batteries are rated for 3 to 5 years
  • roadside assistance calls peak in the summer, followed by the winter, fall and spring
  • drivers in the western United States experienced the most breakdowns, followed by the South, Northeast and Midwest
  • AAA assisted more than four million drivers locked out of their vehicles
  • more than a half-million drivers ran out of gas last year across the country, despite advanced warning systems

AAA provides a checklist of recommendations that it encourages drivers to review to prevent roadside breakdowns.