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Report: Honda Planning EV's With 15-Minute Charge Time

Report: Honda Planning EV's With 15-Minute Charge Time

Japanese automaker Honda Motor Company is reportedly planning to cut the charging time of its next-generation electric vehicles to 15 minutes. Utilizing new fast-chargers and battery technology the company hopes to add up to 150 miles of range during the short charge duration.

According to a report out of the Nikkei Asian Review, Honda is developing a new high-capacity battery pack that will be the primary source of the quick charge time. The new battery will leverage a 350-kW charger, enabling the vehicle to add about 150 miles during a 15 minute charge. This technology is currently slated to show up in Honda dealerships in 2022.

During that year Honda is expected to roll out multiple new battery-electric vehicles that will utilize the charging tech currently being developed. The Nikkei also reports that Honda will collaborate with a partner on the new battery technology, although who the partner is has yet to be disclosed. Current battery technology in today’s Honda products is supplied by Panasonic.

Today’s fast chargers for electric vehicles in Japan offer a maximum charging output of 150-kW. The slated increase at Honda is certainly a large jump from today’s offerings, but not out of line from what other automakers are seeking. Seen as a primary hurdle to electric vehicle adoption, all stakeholders are currently working on shortening the charge time on electric vehicles to be more comparable to that of filling up an internal combustion-powered vehicle with fuel.

Most of Europe’s largest automakers have already announced plans to install thousands of 350-kW chargers across major highways in Europe, indicating that Honda isn’t the only automaker looking at 350-kW as a magic number for EVs.




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