The Detroit News reports that a UAW memo circulated to Local 598 members suggests that General Motors Co. has plans to shift some of its light-duty truck production from its plant in Silao, Mexico to the Flint Assembly Plant in Michigan.

Signed by UAW Local 598 shop chairman Eric Welter and UAW Local 598 President Ray Gorney, the May 20 memo states that “Pulling this work out of Mexico satisfies our customers that want vehicles built in the United States and allows Silao, which is located on a shipping port, to increase volume of other models that are easily exported around the world.”

To meet demand, the union indicated that Saturday schedules will be required as will the addition of part-time temporary workers.

The Flint plant employs about 2,800 workers and currently produces light-duty Silverado pickups and heavy-duty versions of the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra.

GM announced plans to invest $877 million in the Flint plant in August to build a new body shop and make improvements to the assembly area. Opened in 1947, the operation is GM’s oldest assembly plant in North America.