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Report: General Motors Shuttering Oshawa, Ontario Facilities

Report: General Motors Shuttering Oshawa, Ontario Facilities

Once a massive economic engine within the city of Oshawa, Ontario, General Motors may be closing up shop. Reports out late Sunday evening suggest the automaker is on the verge of announcing it will pull out of the Canadian city.

Citing numerous sources, CTV is reporting that GM will announce Monday the closure of all of its Oshawa, Ontario facilities. GM currently employs 2,500 union workers and approximately 300 salaried employees within Oshawa. The employees are found in both the company’s massive assembly complex and a corporate office.

At one time GM employed nearly 40,000 in Oshawa.

It’s unclear at this time if the rumored announcement will have any impact on the company’s other Canadian operations, including its assembly plants in Ingersoll, Markham and St. Catharines.



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  1. Tone
    The writing has been on the wall for Oshawa for some time now. The biggest shock to me was to see how many people were employed that at their peak compared to today. I get that the don't have a very popular product right now (and once did), but it also probably indicates how much automation has changed how cars get assembled in developed countries. I just don't see the auto sector as being a creator of huge numbers of good-paying jobs anymore.

    Ontario and Canada contributed significantly to GM during their bankruptcy, but their jobs obligation ended a long time ago. Hard to imagine it being good policy to again bail out what appears to be a declining industry.

    The biggest issue isn't Oshawa itself. It's the impact on the much bigger chain of local suppliers, who employ a LOT more people. Hopefully, Ford, Toyota and Honda continue to be strong producers here. But even if they are, the future in all these plants is continued automation - the high paying, unskilled or semi-skilled jobs will continue to decline no matter what.
    I fear for the future of plants like Lordstown and Lake Orion. Thankfully, the political and cultural opposition to GM closing an American plant would be immense.
    This is tragic for Canadian families, and I hope that the Canadian government can swiftly find manufacturers to open up shop in the closed facility.

    In terms of American jobs, I hope this ensures to preservation of jobs at underutilized American GM plants.
    Old GM: We think the Canadian sales slide after ending Pontiac is over.

    New GM: Hold My Beer!
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