This morning Automotive News is reporting that General Motors and Isuzu have agreed to terminate their collaboration on midsize pickup development. The news comes just days after Isuzu and Mazda announced that they would be collaborating on midsize pickup development for global markets.

Isuzu and GM have been collaborating on midsize trucks for select global markets for nearly a decade. In Australia, Brazil, Southeast Asia and other global markets the Chevrolet Colorado and Trailblazer SUV are both Isuzu derived products. The Colorado sold in North America is not part of the joint venture with Isuzu.

While both companies are confirming the termination of their agreement, it isn’t clear which company requested it. Given that GM has since developed its own midsize truck for the North American market, it is possible GM plans to leverage its internal resources for the next-generation version in global markets.

Despite the termination of this agreement, both companies also confirm they will continue working together on other projects. One such project involves rebadging certain medium-duty commercial Isuzu models as Chevrolet products.