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General Motors Says it Offered UAW "Strong Offer"

General Motors Says it Offered UAW "Strong Offer"

Now that the United Auto Workers union has called for a national strike against General Motors, the automaker is going on the defensive. Just minutes ago GM issued a statement outlining the offer it made to the UAW, which includes $7 billion in investments and 5,400 new jobs.

“We presented a strong offer that improves wages, benefits and grows U.S. jobs in substantive ways and it is disappointing that the UAW leadership has chosen to strike at midnight tonight. We have negotiated in good faith and with a sense of urgency. Our goal remains to build a strong future for our employees and our business,” GM said in the statement.

The statement included bullet points of all of GM’s supposed concessions within the proposed new contract. Those concessions include adding 5,400 new jobs and finding solutions for “unallocated plants in Michigan and Ohio,” suggesting GM is offering a future for some of its idle plants.

GM also confirmed plans to have its upcoming battery-electric trucks produced by UAW workers and offered the UAW to represent the first battery cell production facility.

GM’s statement has a separate section regarding wages for UAW members. In this section the company says it proposed wage increases for all four years of the proposed new agreement, improved profit sharing, ratification payment of $8,000 and additional health care benefits.

At the time of publish the UAW has not directly responded to GM’s statement.



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  1. Tone
    I wonder what the UAW were asking for that wasn’t in GMs offer.

    According to this thread: "UAW officials says GM is still not budging enough on base wages, health care, temporary workers or job security. Details surrounding those broad issues have not been disclosed, but the UAW has made it clear it aspires to eliminate today's two-tier wage system and build in a path for temporary workers to become permanent employees."

    So, I'm guessing that they are offering something attractive to existing union members, while a lot of the new jobs would go to the lower-tier or temporary workers. Eventually, as the higher-wage workers retire, you end up with a more attractive labor cost. I can see what GM wants/needs this, but also why the UAW really needs to fight it or become useless in the eyes of its members.
    I wonder what the UAW were asking for that wasn’t in GMs offer.
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