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GM Defense Touts Silent Silverado

GM Defense Touts Silent Silverado

Complete with a new leader, GM Defense is hitting the ground running with new products geared toward the military. One such new product is the Silverado ZH2, which has appeared on the company’s website as a new option for its military customers.

If the ZH2 moniker sounds familiar, it’s because it already exists on the Colorado ZH2. Like the little brother, the Silverado ZH2 ditches its V-8 in favor of the latest fuel cell technology. While this electricity-generating powertrain is the more environmentally friendly option for military customers, the real benefit to them is the fact that the ZH2 is largely silent when operating.

In addition to silent operation, fuel cell powertrains are notorious for generating little in the way of heat. A lack of heat generation means the Silverado ZH2 can be stealthy and avoid heat sensing technology in out in the battlefield.

GM Defense claims on the web that this Silverado ZH2 offers up to 400 miles of range thanks to three hydrogen tanks nestled within the confines of the truck’s ladder frame structure.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the ZH2 is that the base truck is allegedly the Silverado HD. The truck in the photos does not look anything like the current generation Silverado HD. In fact, one could speculate the donor truck for the Silverado ZH2 is the next-generation Silverado HD.

Thus far GM has not confirmed if the bases for the ZH2 is, in fact, the next-generation Silverado HD.



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