General Motors has given its Duramax diesel V-8 intake system a major overhaul for 2017. Thanks to a patented air intake system, the 2017 Chevrolet Silverado HD will now be able to force cool, dry air into the diesel engine during tough conditions. The intake system is expected to allow the engine to remain at optimum performance longer and operate at cooler temperatures.

The intake system is marked by a new design feature: a hood scoop. The functional scoop is actually going to provide up to 60-percent of the air into the diesel engine. Unlike conventional setups, the air going into the engine will be closer to the ambient temperature outside. The cooler temps allow the engine to run better under tough conditions, especially conditions in which the engine and transmission temperatures can rise quickly.

“The 2017 Silverado HD was engineered to provide maximum utility for our customers in even the most extreme situations,” said Eric Stanczak, chief engineer, Silverado HD. “While developing this all-new induction system, we considered our customers towing a maximum-weight trailer through the Eisenhower Tunnel on a hot, rainy summer day.”

Chevrolet also claims that weather will not impact the new intake system, even torrential downpours.

Details about the intake’s impact on the power ratings of the Duramax are not yet known. We expect GM to release those details closer to launch.