Today Chevrolet announced it is lowering the monthly pricing for OnStar’s 4G LTE data services on its vehicles. The pricing changes lower the base price of the service from $20 per month to $10, which may attract some new subscribers to the fold.

Chevrolet claims the service has been fairly successful. Over 60-percent of Chevrolet Suburban owners are using the 4G LTE service, with Tahoe and Traverse owners now far off either. This perhaps makes a lot of sense given the fact it’s typically families buying these products.

Across the Chevrolet portfolio over three million gigabytes of data have been consumed by their vehicles in the OnStar 4G LTE WiFi service launched just over two years ago. The company is seeing data use expand every quarter, which basically coincides with data use on fixed-based and mobile broadband trends as well.

“Wireless connectivity has proven to be a beneficial technology for many Chevrolet customers, from contractors who use their Silverado as a mobile office to families using their Suburban on a summer road trip,” said Sandor Piszar, Chevrolet truck marketing director. “As our customers increase their usage of the technology, we are able to make it more affordable for them.”

The new pricing lowers some of the package costs by 50-percent. It also creates a new 4 GB data package for owners to choose from. The following table outlines the new and old pricing structure.

Plan New Pricing Old Pricing
1 GB / Month $10 $20
4 GB / Month $20


10 GB / Month $40 $80
20 GB / 12 Months $150 $150 for 10 GB / Month