Over the course of the past week there’s been a multitude of reports out about Cadillac and their alleged ultra-luxury vehicle’s future. Essentially everything from allegations of the brand’s super-luxury sedan being canceled entirely to “oh just kidding, it’s still on” has surfaced. Basically, no one really knows what’s going on.

This sort of rhetoric and speculation is fairly typical of future product information, especially with the Cadillac brand the way it is right now. Between the big move from Detroit to New York City and the brand’s new chief, Johan de Nysschen, there’s undoubtedly multiple shakeups occurring within the brand. So, we’ll add our take to this.

Originally the Omega platform that underpins the 2016 Cadillac CT6 was supposed to spawn two sedans for Cadillac. The first sedan was to be the CT6 that’s arriving in dealerships now, while the second one (known as “O1LL”) was to launch later with a longer wheelbase and significantly more luxury components. Basically, Omega was to be Cadillac’s foundation to enter the ultra-luxury segment with essentially an off-shoot of the CT6. Sources stated years ago that Omega would “range from $50,000 to $250,000” in price tag.

Then things went silent. The CT6 was revealed and any further speculation or comment on a possible big bro for the car sort of died off for reasons we still don’t entirely understand.

The concept of a larger-than-CT6 Cadillac sedan is not exactly trivial. In China long-wheel-base sedans are quite popular where those that are buying this car are typically being driven – not doing the driving. It also seems like a fairly easy vehicle to develop, assuming an extended version of Omega was planned from the get-go (which all indications have been it was).

There’s really two unknowns left in this scenario. The first is the idea of whether or not GM can develop a $200,000 or so sedan, the second question is if GM will develop proper engines for this league of sedan as well. We remain optimistic that planned V-8 development for Omega is still on.

Then there’s the concept of an ultra-luxury SUV. Honestly, this approach arguably makes more sense for Cadillac given their success with the Escalade nameplate. Additionally, it seems to be a trend in the land of uber-luxury with the likes of the 2017 Bentley Bentayga. Although we’ll disclose clearly: we’ve heard no such rumors of an ultra-luxury Cadillac SUV, however we’ve heard something else.

More than a couple sources have indicated that an Omega based Cadillac SUV has sprung up in the Cadillac product plans. More specifically, there’s been indications that it could replace the Chi-based XT7. The alleged timeframe of this SUV is unknown at this time, however an Omega SUV would certainly be an interesting development at Cadillac. Perhaps, even, this is the rumored ultra-luxury SUV? It’s possible.

Nonetheless, speculation regarding future Cadillac’s is running wild right now. While it’s entertaining to theorize and analyze, the truth will only come out when GM reveals (or rather doesn’t) these rumored future Cadillacs. In the meantime, we’ll all continue to report what we hear.