The Cadillac CT6 luxury sedan now features an industry-first surround-vision recording system which is designed to increase driver awareness and safety.

Developed in-house by General Motors, the technology makes use of four exterior cameras that are located in the door-mounted review mirrors, grille and trunk lid. Two recording modes are supported by the system, including one that utilizes the front and rear cameras when the vehicle is in motion and a second mode where all four cameras are used when the security system is engaged.

Cadillac expects CT6 owners to make use of the surround-vision feature to capture road trips, incidents involving the vehicle and to prevent tampering. Footage recorded by the system is stored on an SD card and can be played back within the CUE screen or on a computer.

The surround-view recording system is part of the Surround Vision camera system which comes standard as part of the 2016 CT6 Luxury, Premium Luxury and Platinum trim packages.