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Cadillac Complicates Naming Scheme Even More

Cadillac Complicates Naming Scheme Even More

Cadillac has taken a lot of flack in recent years for its alphanumeric naming scheme. There’s a lot of C’s and now some numbers, but apparently it isn’t complicated enough. Cadillac has confirmed it is going to add a torque-based number to all of its models to add more characters to the back of its vehicles.

Basically, Cadillac has decided that it will use Newton Meters of torque as the basis for the added number scheme. For example, the XT6 will have a “400” badge on it (shown above) to denote the fact it has 373 Nm of torque. It should shake down so that all 3.6-liter vehicles will have a 400 badge, while turbocharged engines will have a “T” after the number. Cadillac says it is using the metric measurement for torque because it is universally understood globally, except largely in the U.S. where pound-feet is still what consumers understand.

All 2020 Cadillac models will transition to this naming scheme, except V-Series models will continue to be devoid of the new numbers.

So while Cadillac adds another layer of complexity to its names, Lincoln is ditching the alphanumeric scheme in favor of old school names. Which brand will win out with the naming game? Time will certainly tell.


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  1. Tone
    I get what they are trying to do, but it requires way too much customer education to work. Reminds me of the old adage - if you are explaining, you are losing.

    They're Y strategy already addresses this. Either you are getting the regular one, the sporty one, or the luxury one. Give the sporty and luxury one the more powerful motors and call it a day.
    2 things..

    The names aren't complicated

    This isn't an addition to the names. It is not XT6400, they are just adding the 400 to the trunk. Much like manufacturers add badges like AWD, V6/8, M/V/AMG etc etc.

    2 more things

    Why torque rating?

    How stupid to round up. Can't that leave the possibility for the inevitable false advertising lawsuit?

    pls bring back JdN, end the madness and restore logic and reason.
    Lincoln wins this battle. Cadillac will be going back in a few years when they see how confused people are. Any non-car person will have no clue what any of the letters/numbers mean.
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