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Thread: Report: Chevrolet Developing F-150 Raptor Rival

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    Report: Chevrolet Developing F-150 Raptor Rival

    Source: AutoVerdict
    September 16, 2019
    by Nick Saporito

    General Motors is apparently, finally getting envious of the Ford F-150 Raptor's success. A new report suggests Chevrolet is developing a new off-road focused Silverado to rival the hard-core Raptor in nearly every metric.*

    New publication*Muscle Cars & Trucks*is reporting that Chevy engineers are currently working on a Silverado dubbed the Silverado ZRX. The ZRX is being developed to rival the F-150 Raptor, which means borrowing a lot of the playbook used to develop the smaller Colorado ZR2.

    Like the ZR2, the Silverado ZRX is rumored to feature*Multimatic DSSV dampers. These dampers will be working in tandem with front and rear locking differentials and improved approach and departure angles to make a proper half-ton off-roader.*

    It's unclear how much deeper Chevrolet will take changes to the ZRX. Assuming the formula stays close to that of the ZR2, expect unique front and rear fascias to go along with unique wheel and tire options. The Colorado ZR2 is also lifted, but it is unclear if Chevy will lift this alleged Silverado ZRX.*

    One aspect of this rumor that is slightly disappointing is that the Silverado ZRX will reportedly leverage the brand's existing 6.2-liter V-8 with 420 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque. While this is a good powertrain for the Silverado, it is worth mentioning that the F-150 Raptor and upcoming Ram Rebel TRX both offer unique powertrains that make them the most-powerful options for their respective nameplates.*

    Assuming this rumor pans out, the Chevrolet Silverado ZRX is slated to launch sometime in 2021 as a 2022 model.*

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    Only took 10 years to start this...

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    Quote Originally Posted by donmateo View Post
    Only took 10 years to start this...
    Right? Better late than never.

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